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At this moment, I am satisfied. Crap, moment's over.

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21 December 1961
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I'm a little bit hyper; have a wierd sense of humor, and am obsessed with my poodle. I have more photos of my dog than I do my children. My kids are grown, my husband is properly trained, and my poodle is mostly human. I like sparkly things, love to bake then give it all away, and watch mindless television. I watch too many home and garden television shows, and even met Andrew Dan Jumbo recently. (That was to impress fans of "While You Were Out" on TLC.) I collect antique books, am a "Little House on the Prairie" freak (although I don't usually admit that), and like to do artsy stuff. I'm intelligent, pretty, and very modest. Hahaha.. I am a retired-for the moment- orthopaedic nurse who loves photography and reading and travelling. I'm an Air Force brat, speak a little Spanish, and honor and respect my friends and strangers alike. Oh, and that's only the beginning!

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beadwork is love
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