Garage sale at my house Oct 1st, 2nd and 3rd for locals!  Lots to tell you all, will post after I get through this sale. Ciao babies!

At last I have found the elusive cord!!! Dial up warning for big pics...

 Charlie on the left, Jeff on the right;  aren't they just a beautiful sight?
Myself on the left, Sue on the right, with smiles so big and bright, bright white!
I apologize if these pics are "too big" for anyone;  I don't know a single thing about resizing and such...Plus they are cell phone shots, so the quality is less than desirable.  But the companionship was not!

Good times, good times!

Although I can't find my cord to download the pics from my camera yet, I must tell you about my most excellent adventure!  On August 16th, which happened to be my 29th anniversary as well, I was honored to meet fellow LJer's baritonejeff and suemars and also Charlie, Jeff's spouse.  My spouse did not join us, but that is neither here nor there.

They all drove in from beautiful Wooster and landed in the booming metropolis that is Massillon, Ohio.  We went to lunch at Rockne's, which is a pub-type restaurant that I have enjoyed several times now.  We ate and talked and laughed and generally just got to know each other.  I am delighted to say that I now have three new very dear real-life friends.  I have loved them for a long while online, but to finally get to meet them face to face was a true blessing.  And they treated me to lunch, which is always a nice suprise. (Thanks again, guys!!!)  They stopped by the house a little while after lunch and met gool ol' Trapper the Poodle, which as everyone knows is a requirement in my world.  Love me, love my dog.  Although my house was not in company order, they were very gracious and I even was brave enough to show them my crazy paintings.  That says a lot about my comfort level with them, as I usually don't bring anyone in the house unless it is spotless!

Anyhow, it was a blast, and I hope to do it again very soon. Later, after a search of the rubble in this room, I will add the pictures from my cell phone to this post to show you our stunning mugs!  And I MIGHT even be inspired to tell you what else I have been up to in my warped little world.  Laters!

Happy Birthday Baritonejeff!!!!

May you have a day of doggie love, early out dialysis, no pain, see a hunky naked guy at some point that sings Happy Birthday in Italian to you, and you manage to find some outlandishly delicious dessert that doesn't put you in a coma! These things and all your heart desires are what I wish for you on this day- Jeff's BIRTHDAY!!! WAAHHHHHH! HOOOOO!

And please decide on a date and place for us to get together to meet and chill....MY house,restaurant, top of a tree, Wooster Post Office, your local cemetary...I'm not picky. Ask Sue as well!

I am very proud to call you my friend, Jeff. Happy Birthday!